Our Instructor

Nigel Fell trained under Master Paisiri Mungsarin at Master Toddy’s in Manchester. When he finally opened his own club in Bradford, England, he named it after him.Nigel in Samui

Like most people. Nigel fell out with Master Toddy’s but remained friends with Master Mungsarin.

He moved to "Wicker Camp" in Sheffield and spent three and a half happy years there.

It was whilst he was there that he received an invitation (or was that a command?) to train and fight in Thailand under Master Mungsarin. He returned to Korat in North Eastern Thailand six times altogether. Master Mung is now a Grand Master and was last heard of teaching in Bangkok.

On holiday in Phuket Nigel discovered Patong Boxing Club and ended up training and fighting for them.

It was there that he met and became friends with Thaieb Noonoung, who came to teach, briefly, in Bradford.

These days the teaching duties are shared with Sully and “Tiger.”